April is full of western wahoo for designers and art enthusiasts

Shoot your Goods! $15 

April 20th 2-10pm
3881 Steel St.
Denver 80205

Designers, jewelers, and artists alike bring your items to get photographed for product shooting. We will have a professional photo booth and models to help you create your first "Pack Shot" and give you the kick-start you need for your items.  Come to Cluster Studios and Anton Fresco Photo & Motion Studios on Saturday.  There will be creative creatures, nice drinks, awesome music and more at one of Denver's finest creative spaces!

Gathering of the Guilds

April 26, 9-3
Boettcher Mansion
900 Colorow Road 
Golden, CO 80401

Enjoy this exquisite show in the old Boettcher Mansion built in 1917 which houses Buffalo Bill’s grave.  The local fine arts guilds will be gathering to demonstrate their skills, show their work, and make presentations about history of crafts. I will be demonstrating anticlastic raising.  

Castle Clay Spring Sale

April 25-27

14350 west 32nd Ave 

Golden Co

This sale is a golden tradition for many years. Come see what all the castle clay artist have made this year, from glass blowers to potters, painters to jewelers there is a wealth of talent in this show. 


Anticlastic Raising

@Sweetman-Allen Studio - 1495 Zephyr Street, Lakewood, CO 80214

$100 ($25 deposit required)

Bracelets June 15 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Rings July 13 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Earrings August 3 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Local artist in resident in Kilmacthomas Viewed as “mad” for not knowing about the show “Dallas”

Kilmacthomas, Ireland

Pattie Parkhurst, a local artist in resident at The Workhouse Studios, says she is constantly asked if she watches the American TV show “Dallas”.  When she replies “No.  Things from Texas don’t interest me all that much,” the Irish locals are immediately dumbfounded and shocked.  One Irish woman quietly outside replied “Nothing, I have nothing to talk to her about. How does an American not watch Dallas? I have 300 episodes on VHS and I watched every last one of them last month.”  She then reported to leave soon after looking puzzled and irritated.  Inside the local pub, the locals talk amongst themselves whilst Pattie is in the restroom, “Are you sure she is American?”  Another mentions, "I heard her say 'No' to the Yankees and 'Go Rockies!'  What's that supposed to mean?”

Two "mad" artists Jenny Watkins and myself
Two "mad" artists Jenny Watkins and myself

Pattie, a “mad artist” who is fine with this nickname she has been given said, “I will humor them by promising I will YouTube it later.  But I know full well I will not.”  She also said she got this idea from weeks upon weeks of being asked the question “Do you watch Dallas?”  She also reports that she tries to change the subject to other things that she actually does enjoy, like Obama.  This allows her to still be friendly and have fun without going off on a “mad” discussion about hearing the "Dallas" question for the 400th time.  She said once she deters their attention, she will most likely drink 5 or 6 more pints with them, play some Irish Pool and then return home to sleep in the bathtub.  Yay for Dallas!

Workhouse Studios

By the time the famine struck in 1845 over 120 workhouses in Ireland had been built to house the extremely poor and suffering from the famine.  People only went there if they had been evicted, starving or an orphan. The workhouses were overcrowded and diseases like typhus and cholera spread easily. Upon arrival families were split up, boys with boys, girls with girls, and many of the families did not know if other family members were sick or dying.  

Here is the Jewelry studio where the nuns decorated the alter with stencils.

Here is the Jewelry studio where the nuns decorated the alter with stencils.

Clothes were taken and individuals were given a uniform and a basic diet. The uniform meant you were their property. If you left with it on, you were stealing their property; there were few options to leave the workhouse.   Your diet was water with oats similar to oatmeal but less nutritious.  People were forced to do tedious work and hard labor day after day.

There was a strict timetable to ensure everything ran smoothly and people stayed busy.  Here is an example of a timetable a workhouse had.

Rise at 5:45am
Breakfast at 6:30am - 7am
Work 7am till 12 noon
Lunch from 12 to 1pm
Work from 1pm – 6pm
Supper and wash 6pm - 6:30pm
Bed at 8pm

Despite the bleakness of the workhouse the buildings are quite impressive. They were created by architect George Wilkinson for an annual salary of 500 pounds. He created 130 workhouses in total and was appointed by the government.  These workhouses were to house 2,000 people from the local towns and villages.  They are massive areas some with numerous buildings, morgues, graveyards, and chapels.

So why am I going into such detail about the workhouses? Well that’s because we are working in one...

Many of the workhouses have been revamped to become anything from bars to museums.  Ours houses many different business such as The Business Training Center, a travel company, Achieve Gym and most importantly Workhouse Studios!  

The jewelry studio is the old alter where they held mass.  On the walls you can see where the nuns decorated with stencils.  There is lots of creativity that happens here: ceramics, textiles, paper making, jewelry, and glass.  Everyone in the workshop is either well established and is showing their work or is on their way with business plans and all. What the best part of this organization is the business training center next door.  People get paid by the government to take classes which include setting up spreadsheets, web design, business planning and more. The artist in the workhouse become very savvy in all aspects of business. I must admit they are ahead of the game! I am learning from everyone and my beautiful surroundings in Ireland inspire me. I am getting work done but I never want to be left alone in the workhouse at night. Yes here I am afraid of the dark.

(exploring the potteries.org) (http://allatworkhouse.wordpress.com)