Cleaning Your Jewelry the Hot How-To!

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Is there anything better than sparkly new jewelry?  Maybe the fresh and shiny love that often accompanies such a purchase, but here’s the difference, sis – you can’t scrub the rage and disappointment off your relationship, but you CAN clean the grime off of your beautiful diamond!  Perhaps once you’ve polished your jewelry to its silky original glow, you and the hunk of burning love who got it for you can stare at it and remember a time when you didn’t want to kill each other for the way you sound when you chew.

Here’s the hot how-to:

For gold jewelry with hard stones

  • line a bowl with aluminum foil and top with salt, baking soda, and dish detergent. Add hot water and drop in your jewelry, letting it sit for ten minutes. 
  • Gently scrub with an old toothbrush (make sure it’s not the one you secretly peed on when he forgot your anniversary).
  • Rinse and pat dry with paper towel.

For jewelry with pearls and soft stones-This works really well!

  • Add an equal amount of Calgon water softener (liquid or powder) and salt (one table spoon will do).
  • Add one cup of room temperature water, into a glass or plastic container.
  • Put aluminum foil in the bottom.
  • Put silver jewelry on foil, tarnish should be gone immediately.
  • Do not soak!

Most jewelry cleaners do not work for removing tarnish, but this one does click here to see my amazing choice for jewelry cleaner.

This cleaner is amazing for removing tarnish INSTANLY exactly how millennials like things, instantly!
-Dip piece in cleaner for 30 seconds

Lastly if you have cement stuck to your pieces and would like an ultrasonic cleaning click here to make an appointment to clean your jewelry.  We’ll get it looking like new!  To renew your relationship, seek therapy!


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