The Flowers for Important Anniversaries

pattie parkhurst

I stumbled upon this incredible book for inspiration, Flowerpaedia. It focuses on ethnobotany, the exploration of the relationship between people and plants.

Flowerpaedia, 1000 flowers and their meanings

by Cheralyn Darcey

Whether it is the beauty, the bright colors, getting your hands dirty, the way they grow and attract beautiful butterflies and buzzing bees, flowers and plants are interconnected in our daily lives.

Flowers are a great way and a great gift to say I Love You on your anniversary. The flowers for important anniversaries:

In addition to adding a band to your wedding ring, we can make it even more special with a hand raised, one of a kind daisy (5th) or daffodil (10th) incorporated into a ring design, necklace or earrings. We can add special gemstones according to your birth month and/or the month of anniversary. 

During my study abroad in Ireland, I was enamored by the lush and never ending gardens full of overgrown, luscious and colorful flowers.

I am constantly inspired by flowers and it is notable in my jewelry. Flowers and plants bring me peace of mind and connect me to the Earth. Here are some of my flower inspired jewelry:



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