The making of the lily necklace

pattie parkhurst

Created using the ancient technique of anticlastic raising, fused gold and prong stone setting.

 This piece was created for the Arvada Center for the Arts show highlighting artists that specialize on form and function.  

I first start by making a paper model...

I cut the pattern out of thick file folder paper

The 24k gold is meticulously fused to a flat sheet of argentium silver. Then rolled out using a rolling mill.

Here you can see the fused gold pattern on the lily

Each lily shape is then hand cut out using a jewelers saw. Once the shape is perfected it is then raised 3-dimensional by hammering hundreds of times over an antler like shape, this is called anticlastic raising. You can view a video of raising here.

The shape is coming together after hours of hammering

Recently I have learned about the mining of diamonds and it makes me uncomfortable not knowing where and how I get my stones. So I was educated on purchasing recycled diamonds from legitimate sources by Michael Boyd, and I have utilized this and feel much better about the diamond buying process. 

The recycled diamonds are then set and soldered to the 14k gold center. I then finish the piece by sanding and buffing the piece.  The final touch is when I apply the silver patina which darkens the silver and makes the gold POP!

Another special part of this piece is the 14k gold clasp. This clasp is also hand raised and cohesively becomes part of the design to secure the piece together.

Want to see the finished piece? Click here

Want to learn the gold fusing like this? Try Michael Boyd's class Here

Want to learn the Anticlastic raising technique? Join my VIPP list for class dates.


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