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Domeleaf Earrings - silver


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Domeleaf Earrings - silver pattieparkhurst
These nature inspired domed earrings are made of Argentium tarnish resistant.955 silver with silver accent earrings. Each form is hand raised using hundreds of blows with a hammer which creates a unique, one of a kind three-dimensional shape that is actually light weight, but looks much heavier.  (Other metal options available including 14k gold, 18k gold, and 22k gold.)  Call for quote.

When you buy these earrings you know this is a rare piece of art jewelry as I am one of a few people in the world specializing in this high craft technique. All of my pieces are 100% recycled green and never purchased from a mine.  

My work is guaranteed, see the policies link for more information.  Contact me via email with any questions you have regarding my designs.  I am always happy to help!

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