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About Pattie Parkhurst

At around age seven I was introduced to basic jewelry making including beading, polymer clay and macrame.  I remember taking over the living room with all my jewelry supplies constantly making one necklace after another. One thing led to another in jewelry, there is always something more to learn and advance ones skills.  In college I took my first official metals class. I found myself staying in the studio until 2am working on jewelry. Also during college I knew I wanted to teach and the two passions of jewelry and education came together.  I was able to take education courses, metalsmithing and business courses as a compiled degree from Metropolitan State College of Denver called; Art, Instruction and Commercial Development. I also served as president for the Jewelry club. Once graduated, I served on the board for the Colorado Metalsmithing Association where I learned a tremendous amount from incredible design to great instruction. 

   I began immersing myself in the jewelry world, becoming Director of The Denver School of Meatal Arts for one year. I moved to managing the Sweetman Allen studio in Denver for 6 years.  I owe a lot of my knowledge in Metalsmithing to Richard Sweetman and CoMA.  Richard Sweetman taught me everything from welding to the making of three demential forms using the hydraulic press.  I am forever grateful for his instruction and guidance. 

  Through CoMA I took many masters workshops, one class was with Michael Good and this set the foundation for my work today.  I love the complex natural structures I can create using these techniques.  I now create jewelry and sculpture using the anticlastic raising techniques Michael Good and Richard Sweetman taught me.

  I was always wanting to give back to the art community and I would volunteer in DPS and other places by bringing in some simple metalsmithing tools. Students would make stamped and patterned pendants and earrings.  My love for teaching expanded and I started to teach a series of classes at the Tucson Gem show.

  Throughout my career I would “bother” other metalsmith in Colorado and I became friends with Ryan Gardner and Michael Boyd.  We knew that we all had the same passion for education and decided to open a metalsmithing school and community in Pueblo Colorado called the Colorado Center for Metal Arts(CCMA). With this new space we are excited to have a community of local metalsmiths as well as world class insructors where we all can learn and thrive off of each other.  My partners in CCMA are not just coworkers but family and we help each other in ways essential to learning and growing as a business.