Do you ever look across the horizon during a sunset and wonder where all of the colors come from? I use those same colors to add color and dimension. After layering precious metals and pounding them sometimes thousands of times to get the look just perfect, I add the colors of the earth to my designs using raw, rough stones that are 100 percent recycled green and never purchased from a mine.


The end result is jewelry that is bold and daring, courageous and fearless; just like the creator and the people that wear the designs.


Whether you are looking for a custom piece for yourself or to give as a gift, a remarkable piece from one of my current collections, or for the perfect wholesale piece, I am sure to have something that will be perfect for the occasion. You don’t need permission to make your life beautiful with a stunning piece of jewelry.


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My studio is in Denver Colorado, email me or call me and we can schedule an appointment.

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