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Lush package

You have the option to select from the available designs and choose your stones.

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lavish package | Signature

We will go through all these ideas and designs you like, I will then hand draw three designs. We can keep one design totally as a whole or take elements you like and add or subtract to create the perfect ring.

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lux package

All of the steps in the Lavish Package and some other fine details. You own the design. This ring is above and beyond, it is highly designed with the best possible quality of diamonds gemstones and materials.

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Pattie Parkhurst

I love to go above and beyond for my customers, I spend endless hours and days thinking about how I can make the jewelry I create absolutely perfect for each customer, spending time listening, drawing, listening again, a tweak here and there to deliver the perfect piece and put a huge smile on their face. THEN, blow the customers away with an unforgettable engagement.

What Our Customers Say...

Adam Berry

Verified Purchase

“AWESOME!!! I contacted the shop owner, told her what my GF likes/dislikes and she sent me the greatest gift package ever. There’s no way I can wait until X-mas to give this to my GF as she will love it so much. Excellent job Pattie.”

Christine Lynn

Verified Purchase

“What gorgeous earrings! They’re utterly unique, modern, and yet somehow ancient. Pattie was extremely patient and responsive in helping me choose stones. I couldn’t be happier and I plan to wear them often.”

Sharon Green

Verified Purchase

“These earrings were a custom order I eagerly awaited...I absolutely couldn’t be more happy with them!!! They are so tiny and detailed and perfect...way better in person than what I thought I was ordering. So pleased!!



Enjoy the best offered by us



Enjoy the best offered by us