March Gemstone: Aquamarine

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Pattie Parkhurst

March Gemstone: Aquamarine

This months gemstone is aquamarine, know for its blue color.  Aqua, meaning water and marine meaning sea. Neptune the god of freshwater and the sea is said to have given mermaids the gift of aquamarines

This beautiful blue gemstone have been worn by sailors for protection and to minimize seasickness and has the powers to calm stormy weather
Also a traditional gift given to brides, for their “something blue” aquamarine encourages a happy marriage and is said to bring the woman who wears it joy

During the middle ages it was thought that aquamarine was an antidote against POISON! You will see nobility with crowns and other adornment made with aquamarine. The first crystal ball was said to be made from aquamarine and under a full moon one can awaken paranormal abilities.  It is also said you can see your guardian angel through an aquamarine

Now lets talk about the properties of the Aquamarine

Properties of Aquamarine

It is in the Beryl family with a hardness of 7.5 to 8. The most valuable being the medium to darker blue green color.  Iron is what makes this stone blue.  Nearly all aquamarine are heat treated to get rid of the yellow and enhance the blue color

Aquamarine is the official gemstone of Colorado but can be found on any continent.

The worlds largest Aquamarine is from Brazil and is called The Don Pedro

This magnificent gemstone was cut by German Gem Artis Bernd Meunsteiner and is housed in the Smithsonian gem collection.

Aquamarine is the official gemstone of Colorado but can be found on any continent.

Aquamarines can come in many different colors and shades

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