Kind Words

These earrings were a custom order I eagerly awaited...I absolutely couldn’t be more happy with them!!! They are so tiny and detailed and perfect...way better in person than what I thought I was ordering. So pleased!! Thank you Pattie for accommodating me and for your amazing craftsmanship - such talent! The detail and daintiness is blowing me away. Sorry for the not-too-clear photo, but want everyone to see how perfect and teensy these earrings are!
Sharon Green
What gorgeous earrings! They’re utterly unique, modern, and yet somehow ancient. Pattie was extremely patient and responsive in helping me choose stones. I couldn’t be happier and I plan to wear them often.
Christine lynn
AWESOME!!! I contacted the Pattie, told her what my GF likes/dislikes and she sent me the greatest gift package ever. There’s no way I can wait until X-mas to give this to my GF as she will love it so much. Excellent job Pattie.
Adam Berry
“Devine, bold, adventurous creations & full of personality. I highly recommend you order something for yourself today.”